Lunch Hunch :)


I had a hunch I might find a quiet place today :) I have several secret spots around town I like to go to just listen to the quiet sound of nature :) I headed out to the pond and had two ducks and a squirrel keep me company while I munched on my melon, banana, and turkey :)
I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already! For me that means the work week wraps up tomorrow! I’m not sure I’m going to know what to do with a Friday off! This week has been insane and a lot of things are changing at work. I feel like a little hermit crab…cause all I want to do is hide in my shell and stay out of the way. Hopefully the transition will go smoothly and my life will return to the semi balanced normal! I love my boss :) I know I say that a lot but it’s true! She makes coming to work each day a blast :) what more could this crazy kid ask for?

So on this wonderful Wednesday, I’m thankful for my boss :)
Xoxo~ Lemon

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