Love my Lips :)

I have always been on the search for the perfect lip gloss. Qualifications: not too sparkly, not too greasy, not too expensive, not tested on animals, not too smelly, will not melt in my car..I was beginning to think I’d never find it and then…I did!

Apple Rose Salve
Yum! Apple Rose Salve

C•O•Bigelow’s famous Apple Rose Salve has been a favorite of mine since I discovered it last year. I love its ability to care for lips, face, cuticles, elbows, knees and it beautifies my thirsty skin. Emulsified with extra-soothing rose extract, the salve helps ease irritation and condition skin. I use the Apple Rose Salve. It’s made of a delicious blend of Cotton Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Apple Extract, Rose Extract and Jojoba.

I use it on my elbows at night right before bed. The poor dears work so hard and I feel bag for not taking care of them! I’ve resolved to take better care of my skin this year. It is my largest organ and I feel it deserves credit for keeping all of the other organs protected :)

They also make several other flavors! Blueberry, Rose, Strawberry, Mint, Mocha…So yummy my lips eat it up :) If you want to find out more about C•O•Bigelow Apothecary products check out their website! I’m filling up my shopping cart now!

XOXO ~ Lemon :)

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