Super Hero

ImageToday I feel like a super hero! Sorry I’ve been immersed in the world of teenage boys and comic books :) A Super Nanny is more like it :) I have successfully gotten two teenage boys off to school! Got them up, filled their tummies full of breakfast, double checked to see if lunches were packed, all books in their backpacks and then off to the bus stop {where we were actually early!}.

Needless to say, my hair is done, my makeup is on, my dress is a little wrinkled (but really who cares?). So I hereby declare this a FABULOUS FRIDAY!

I have a great time with these two :) They are the breath of fresh air this silly girl needs. We had a great time at dinner last night. It only took us 30mts to decide where to eat :) Which considering we are the 3 most indecisive people I know I consider a victory.  We headed out to Buffalo Wild Wings and were pleasantly surprised to find it was 60 cent wing night. We killed some wings y’all. We talked and laughed. I had a blast. Hanging out with these two is a rare occasion. Their social calendars are busier than mine I think :)

We headed off to the mall afterwords and I was amazed that they actually talked to me in public. They’re at that age where being seen with a girl is like a seal of death..let alone saying she’s “babysitting” till your parents get home. So we call it hanging out :) We had cookies and spent the rest of our evening with our noses in books at Barnes & Nobles. I LOVE these boys :) They make my heart happy.

Their personalities have been so neat to watch develop over the last several years. They are both unique mixes of two awesome parents :)

So I’m off to work, then back to hangout with some of my favorite boys.

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