Friday Finish

Dear Friday,
I’m so glad to see you! I’ve been so tired this week. Changes in the wind have stressed me out but I’m trying to remain calm. I know God has a plan for my future which is beyond what I can imagine right now.

Dear Leg,
I’m sorry for pushing you too hard. I promise to do a better job of listening to what you’re telling me.

Dear Doc,
Thank you for understanding me. Being a former athlete yourself you get my intense craving to train and push boundaries. Thanks for the electroshock therapy on my poor leg :) it feels great. Glad my neck is almost healed from the accident! You’re amazing.

Dear Sister,
I’m I excited you’re home for the summer so I get to see you more. However it aggravates me when you are rude to me. Can we work on that a bit please?

Dear AT,
You’re amazing :) and I’m so glad I get hangout with you each week. Thanks for your encouragement!

Dear Future Hubby,
This week has been hard. I’m ready to meet you and spend time with you. I’ve prayed for you this week. Prayed for your protection, and for you to feel loved.

Dear Boys,
Hanging out with you renews my spirit. I love getting to spend time with you :) glad you let me play video games even though we all know I stink reallllllly reaaaally badly.

Dear Body,
Thanks for working hard to get healthy. It’s been a long hard year but were almost there :) we’re emotionally healthy, spiritually healthy, and soon to be at goal weight healthy!!! Keep up the hard work.

Dear Me,
You’re more beautiful than you think :) 💗


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