So You Wanna Date Me..


I love getting random phone calls followed by random questions :) One of my friends called me last night to ask: “What is your ideal date?” I honestly had no clue at the time but then I started to think. . . What is my ideal date? I came up with a list :)

My Ideal Date Is:
1. Well planned! Nothing aggravates me more than a guy who picks me up with no gas in his car and no dinner plans.

2. Fun :) I’m an easy date to please. Thrift shopping, out for Froyo, putt putt golfing, running, playing soccer, a picnic, fishing, a walk with the dogs at the park. There are so many fun things to do that don’t cost a ton. I’d rather spend quality time with a guy than spend his money.


3. Random trips to the beach :) the boardwalk is always fun and it’s easy to keep things lighthearted. Not to mention fishing off the pier, picking up seashells, stopping at Sam’s Corner for ice cream, and eating seafood (sans the shellfish for me).

4. Going to college baseball games! You have literally about 4 hours together. The drive up, dinner, the’s a great time to talk hangout and watch my favorite sport.

5. Bonfire with s’mores :) I’m a chocolate girl. If it involves chocolate I’m in!

6. Going to see a play :) I’m a theater nerd so if you mention anything about going to see a performance you gain brownie points.

7. Conversational not social medial (I make up words). If I have taken time out of my schedule to spend time with you please refrain from texting your mom (yes this has happened before), best dude, ex girlfriend, checking ESPN Sports Center, and so forth. I am of the opinion that your phone should not come out of your pocket while we are eating dinner. I love to talk. The art of conversation is quickly becoming lost in our digital society.

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