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Kat and Fancy Nancy @ CAP RUN

Hello my lovelies! It’s been a busy weekend this weekend! One of my resolutions for this year was to run 6 races :) I can proudly say I’m two down and four to go!

My running buddy (Fancy Nancy) and I signed up to run a race to raise funds for Child Abuse Prevention. It’s a topic that close to my heart and Fancy Nancy’s. As teachers, Nancy and my mom see students every year who are victims. Their tiny little voices don’t often get heard until it’s too late. Two years ago, a precious little girl in our community lost her life to child abuse. She forever touched her teacher and that teacher decided to make a difference. This is only the second year the race has been held :) But it will soon be an annual tradition for the school I think!

As far as organization goes, I’ve been to better races but since it was for a good cause I’ll not rant about how it could have been better. {Runners really appreciate well marked courses and course maps} The goal was to beat our previous time from the race we ran in January. So we made a pact at the beginning that it was each fittie for her own and off we went. We hung together for the first quarter mile and then I moved up a little to get out of the pack. I must say it was inspiring to be out run by children. (not that it takes much..but hey everybody has to start somewhere.) My pace setter was a cute little blond headed boy and we hung together until the halfway point at which point he decided kicking rocks was cooler than running :) Passed Fancy Nancy and high fived her :) By this time I was seriously regretting eating the half cup of oatmeal I’d consumed on the way to the race. But once I got over that I realized I am in dire need of some new kicks.

Apparently you’re supposed to retire them around the 300 mile marker and I think I’ve surpassed it. My feet have never hurt that bad! But I was determined to make good time and kept pushing and pushing. I clocked the course at 3.56 miles which put it .46 miles over the correct amount. But hey what’s a few extra feet..

I was now running beside the most adorable 5ish year old you’d ever seen. His blue balloon tied on his arm and hair in a fo-hawk, I couldn’t help but chuckle as we ran together. His sister was a bit in front of us and soon the three of us were happily running towards the finish line. I lost them to a patch of flowers and a butterfly..but it was fun while it lasted.

There is nothing like that moment when the finish line is in sight. My dad always tells me to sprint it in and I must say I tried..but my poor legs weren’t cooperating very well. I did make good time though! I came in 5th in my age bracket out of 12. So props to me for not being next to last!

Fancy Nancy wasn’t too far behind me! We hung around to congratulate the winners and with the hopes that maybe they give out some random prize for two girls who both PR’d..but no such luck :) We rewarded ourselves with a trip to Waffle House..which I know sounds completely unhealthy but it is possible to make good choices there :) I scarfed down two eggs and a blueberry waffle which made me feel a lot better. {I get super queasy/shaky post races}.

Of course a best friend time weekend would not be complete without some shopping so we ran into town to see if we could find new running shoes for me and summer clothes for Nancy. We were slightly successful but we are both in the “in-between” size mode which makes you want to pull your hair out.

Well, I’m off to get some new kicks so the Pink Bandits can be retired :)

Catch ya later! XOXO


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