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One of the things about being a creative person that I love is the amount of ideas that continually run through my head. Occasionally one of them takes flight and successfully makes it into the realm of reality. Today is one of those moments.

Awhile back I met a little boy(Lil D) who is a visionary :) When you pair a visionary with a creative, organizing, project loving, get her hands dirty kind of girl great projects are born.

We conceptualized a project that would feed the hungry kids at his school. As a former middle school kiddo, I understood what it was like to give your lunch to kids who came to school without. (Somehow my mom figured it out and packed me more lunch than one person could ever eat.) Thus Trees for Life was born!

Today we kick off the start in conjunction with Global Youth Service Day! We will be planting fruit trees at 2 local middle schools, in vacant lots downtown, and in one lot in the next city over. The project will impact both local students and the homeless community. The large population of homeless in our town burdens my heart every time I see them! Lil D and I thought what better way to give them food than to give them trees to take care of :) They love having things to love. The trees will produce food year round as we picked different trees for each season.

This project would not be possible without Sodexo, Inc.! Lil D applied for a grant and was awarded the only grant given in our state! Their support has been amazing!

So we’re off to kick it off with a press conference! Did I mention both Mayors are coming :) Great to have both cities supporting us!

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    1. Thank you! It was such an inspiring thing to watch the students come together and plant the trees. Hopefully this will help feed hungry students :) Sodexo donated cases of fruit to the school too!


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