Cards for Connor

Every once in awhile a story comes along that touches your heart. I was sitting at home last night working on Chicken Little’s exam postcards when my phone beeped with a tweet. It was a tweet about a precious little boy who is struggling with CMD.

11392_346837438763424_1275724785_nSo meet Connor :) Connor is a 4 yr old who has rare Form of CMD {Congenital Musclar Dystrophy}. He is the sweetest lil boy who struggles to do the daily things we take for granted. Connor has never walked, crawled or even been able to hold his head up while on his tummy. He was born 7 weeks early and from day 1 the docotor told his parents there was something very wrong. They never dreamed it would be something like CMD. His brothers and sister decided (after he got a card in the mail for his upcoming 4th birthday) to get people to send him cards! They say he gets really excited when he gets mail :)

So if you’ve a second to spare this week, jot Connor a little note to make his world a little bit brighter!

Mail them to:

Cards for Connor
2813 Valley Green Dr.
Columbus, Ohio 43207

Here’s mine!


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