Catch Up with Me

So my life has been really busy since I last wrote :) My apologies! But to catch you up to speed in 10..

1- I ran my second 5K in January! The Polar Bear run :) and ran it with one of the besties..errr walked it with her (we’re working on her running). We finished! Which was our ultimate goal.

2- I saw the Oak Ridge Boys in concert and they were kind enough to autograph my vinyl (yes I’m a nerd who collects vinyl records) of their original Christmas Album (which is only 8 years older than me). It was an amazing concert!

3- I had a kidney infection and spent Christmas Eve in the er. Thank goodness for nice doctors :)

4- I helped coach a 4 & 5yr old soccer team this spring! I think I had as much fun if not more as they did. We finished out our season 4-1-1. Not bad!

5- I’ve been on 2 dates since January :) Trying to get back into the swing of it. It’s hard to find eligible, nice, well mannered, holding a job men in this town. So for now I’m quite happy to just wait for one to come along.

6- My brother had introduced me to Paleo and I must say I’m about to jump in the deep end with it. So stay tuned! I think I’m going to be doing a 30 day challenge!

7- My job is awesome! Have I mentioned that? LOVE< LOVE< LOVE it :)

8- Just saw The Good Lovelies in concert last week! If you aren’t familiar with them you should look them up! @goodlovelies on twitter :) 3 best friends traveling the world and making music :)

9- I competed in a Big Loser & Mile competition! 10 weeks of intense working out and running. I logged a whooping 237.64 miles and lost 10lbs (but gained some muscle!). I won overall weightloss for the staff :) and was second place for mileage.

10- I am loving my life. This season has been a rough season of trials but out of those have come some amazing blessings.

I started a Bible study by Kelly Minter last night called Ruth: Loss, Love, Legacy. So I’m excited to see where it’s going to take me!

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