Hello world!

Dear World,

My life is crazy right now but I’ll try to keep you updated :) I’m so excited about my new job! I’m doing crazy fun things.

Dear New Boss: I love you :) I can’t begin to explain how thankful I am for you! Your smile and genuine appreciation of my work makes my heart happy!

Dear Aggravation, You really don’t want to start this battle you seem so determined to fight because unlike you I actually have a spine.

Dear Love, I can’t wait to spend time with you! Random Starbucks dates and snuggle time with you.

Dear Brain…thanks for all the creative ideas! I’m glad I’m journaling them again :) it is so cool to look back at your ideas and elaborate on them.

Dear Workout! We are kicking butt this week. 14 days in a row of solid physical activity. Legs were great today. I know you want to bring the arms back but Doc said we gotta wait on it a few days. No more tweaking the neck on the bench press.


Lemonrain Drop


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