Home, Sweet Home

Well, I have been home for three days now. It hardly seems that the summer is almost over and I will heading back to school in less than three weeks. God did some amazing things in my life this summer. It has been neat to share stories among my friends and see how much God has done in the two months we’ve been apart serving Him. It was invigorating to hear how much God has moved. He truly had a plan in store for us this summer, and I’m glad we obeyed :)

I wrote in my journal a lot this summer as my time was not spent on the internet that much. I will try to get some of my stories up on my blog for you to read : )

There were some hard moments this summer. Some I shared and some I did not. Our trip did not end well and there was a lot of hurt among the team from the church we were working with. We came home and went to Columbia for debreifing. We were accused of things we did not do and the Lord allowed us to speak the truth. While I’m hurt that the situation occured, we heard from several of the youth we worked with this summer. They have made professions of faith and honestly…that made all this worth it! Adam has been in contact with the boys regularly and is keeping us updated. I’ve been emailing Mrs. Susan and can’t wait to see what the Lord will continue to do through the seeds Lauren and I planted.

Again, thanks for your prayer support! It was such a blessing to know people were praying for me :)

~ Katherine

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