Let’s go tubing!

Yesterday I had an amazing day. I went with some of the local youth to the Shubenacadie Canal to tube/float down the river. For those of you who know me well you know where there’s water Kat will swim:) It was a bit chilly but with the sun (that decided to come out for the first time since we’ve been here) it was so perfect. We went down twice and the beauty and solitude of the river was amazing. I was completely refreshed by the stillness and quietness of it all. The kids were laughing and playing and we stopped at Sander’s Point and swam for awhile.

We had our second youth night last night and the boys continue to amaze me with their questions. For 11 and 12 year old boys to ask: “If God created heaven and earth who created God?” and “Is Jesus coming back?” “If he comes back what’s He going to do?”

The boys are really starting to open up to us. Reese is especially interested. Last night Devon asked me for a Bible:) God is really moving here among the youth I can see it. They are asking us questions that they have been wondering about for a long time but never felt comfortable enough to ask anyone else.

Another huge blessing came about this morning:) I needed some thread for a costume I’m making for this weekend for the parade in Pictou. I had seen a seamstress shop but it’s always closed when I go by. Well today when I went by I ran into Lauren (She was on the way to the library). So we decided to run in and see if it was open. Well God is good and it was. We struck up a conversation with the owner Mrs. Susan. We chatted for about thirty minutes and then she found out we were interested in quilting and asked us if we would like to make a quilt while we were here. (GOD IS AMAZING!!)

Lauren and I had really been struggling because we felt like we haven’t really found our niche here. Adam is alway s busy with the boys and biking, Jill is playing rugby on the league team, Lydia is busy with the florist shop, and we were feeling a bit challenged as to how we could get involved to. This morning before we left I had prayed that God would open up a door for me today, and then I later found out Lauren had prayed the same thing:) It’s neat to see how God had be catch up with Lauren and how we both ended up in the seamstress shop for a reason. God is amazing!

Our other team from SC got here:) They came over last night and it was soooooooo good to here some Southern accents! (We’re going to come home sounding Canadian be prepared!) So I’m sitting here thankful that I know have a library card (it’s about a five mile walk to get here!) and internet access so I will try to keep my blog updated more frequently :)

Thanks for the prayers! Keep ’em coming!!
Love, K@t

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