Poutine, Donairs and Beaver Tails

Having been here in Nova Scotia for over a week:) God has been doing some amazing things in my life. He has been shaping, molding and changing me.

Our ministry has been meeting people and building relationships with them in order to be able to share what God is doing in our lives. It has been challenging because we were thinking there would be a lot of structured activities and we quickly found out that is not the case. God has used the freedom of structure to change our ministry opportunities. We have been blessed to meet some of the college students and spend time with them.

We have been traveling around the town talking with people on the bus, in restaurants, at the coffee shop, just random “encounters” or touches as Mr. Mel calls them. It takes anywhere from 35 to 40 touches in a persons life to lead them to Christ.

There is so much oppression here. A blanket of darkness covers this city. People are searching for something to believe in. They are asking questions and receiving no answers. The sad thing is they search for answers at the bottom of a bottle or drugs. Addiction is rampant here. People live to drink the weekend away. Children as young as 11 begin drinking and are alcoholics by the time they begin university. Every university has a pub on campus. Pray for God to raise up college students to begin ministering on their campuses.

Prayer Requests for this week
Strength, Sleep :), Opportunities, Pray for the church members. Pray that God would raise up people to work with Journey on a permanent basis. Pray that God would help me be flexible!

Pray for our team. What was conveyed to us that we would be doing this summer is not at all what we are doing. We are disheartened and trying to adjust to what the Lord wants us to do in this chaos. Pray for clarity and doors to open.

~ Katherine

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