The Moose has Landed!

Well, I have been in Nova Scotia for about three days now. It is amazing here. God has opened up some neat opportunities for us to minister. The internet availability is very small so I may not be able to keep you as up to date as I would like.

We are staying at Mount Saint Vincent’s University until the end of the month and it is a great place. We each have our own room. I’ve been getting to know the residential assistants at the front desk and they have been so helpful. Teaching us the bus routes and how to navigate the city.

So far we have been to Lunenburg, Blue Rocks, Mahone Bay, and Pictou. There is a new church plant beginning to grow in Pictou. It is neat to be a part of it.

There are eight of us all together on the team.

We have Jill and Adam from Sonoma, California. Sam from Louisiana (She’s Australian:) Lauren from Jacksonville, Florida. Beth is from Calgary, Canada, and Nicole + Lydia and Kat from SC.

I’ll try to get on later and share some of the neat things that have happened to us.

Please pray for us! We are so tired. Tomorrow is a day of rest for us pray we get the rest we so desperately need! Thanks for your love and prayers!

~ Katherine

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