Happy Anniversary to Me!

Today is my spiritual anniversary! I came to know the Lord when I was six years old. I remember having so many questions about how the world was created and wondering why God would choose to create me.

I don’t think I truly understood my faith until the age of 12. I remember the Lord speaking so clearly to me at school one day. He kept tugging at my heart and I felt called to serve him.

I was first introduced to missions by the Demandal family who came to visit us on furlough when I was little.  They are missionaries in Romania. God touched my heart one summer at GA camp, and I went to visit with the missionary.  (I was the only one:) I knew I wanted to help like they did.  On April 16th, 2000, I felt God calling me to missions, and surrendered to His call.  Nine years later, God has used me to minister in so many ways :)

A Few He brought to my mind…

Camp La Vida • Child Evangelism Fellowship • Senegal, West Africa • Greenwood Baptist Church Childcare • Beaumont, Texas Hurricane Relief • Operation Christmas Child Warehouse

Back in SC at school I was being challenged.  Being at a secular university is a blessing and a curse at the same time.  God has opened up so many doors this semester. I have shared my faith, been challenged, called out, and torn down.  But people know that I believe what I believe and that I live it out.  I was blessed to see four people come to Christ this semester:) Talk about making it all worth while. God is amazing, awesome, and He continues to show me new and amazing things.

As I celebrate this day, I celebrate the fact that my Father knows the desires of this child’s heart. As a young girl, I fell in love with Anne of Green Gables, PE Island, and Charlestown. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that God would take my desire to go there and turn it into a reality.

I applied for BCM Summer Missions and out of the blue I got asked during my interview to go to Nova Scotia :) I said sure. The next week, I anxiously awaited for my BCM minister, Kendal, to tell me where I was going. When He said Nova Scotia, my soul rejoiced. I spent the rest of the day in blissful celebration. I praised my Father: ) because He amazes me beyond my wildest desires and dreams.

So today I celebrate! And I can’t wait to see what the Lord is going to do through me this summer.

~ Katherine

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